1963 South Junior Football Champions

November 7, 2018

Back: Philly O’Connor, John Britton, Pat O’Connor, Alan Britton, Jerry Hogan.

Front: Michael Power, Lory Clancy, Paddy Clancy, Frank Britton, John Burke.
St. Patrick’s Junior football team which won the south junior championship in 1963 were honoured on the fiftied anniversary of their victory. A number of this team are deceased namely John Egan, George O’Brien, Paddy Gleeson, Philly St.John, John Mackey and the team’s captain Eamy O’Connor. They were all represented on the night by family members who collected their momentous photograph in their honour. Others who could not attend on the night for other reasons were also remembered and represented on the night. Many of this team went on to win a county junior football title in 1967. Of course the club won South junior football titles again in 1986 and 1991. The team of 1963 was trained by Brian O’Donnell of Bannixtown who was also a selector along with Ed O’Donnell and Phil O’Shea. Many of this team continued to promote football in the club long after their own playing careers ended and indeed some are still very active members of the club.
On Saturday night last the surviving members of this team enjoyed a memorable reunion which lasted well into the night and will be remembered for many years to come.