November 7, 2018

AGM Tuesday next the 9th December at 8pm in the clubrooms is the occasion of an annual event of huge importance in the life of the club, the Cruinniú Bliaintiúil, the AGM. Among the multiplicity of its functions is the less than trivial one of reminding its Éire Óg members that the club does not operate automatically and that its running involves the input of much time and effort by the members of the coiste and numerous others. It is a sad fact that many of those benefiting from the facilities provided by associations and clubs do so blissfully unmindful of the work involved in putting these facilities at their disposal – one never gives a thought to the car's engine until it starts to malfunction; it is only then that the fault-finding begins.

Unlike most other sports associations which cater for only one sport, GAA clubs are called upon to have the ambition, which Éire Óg has, to promote at least the two sports of hurling and football (handball could also be included) in both their male and female manifestations. A propos, when one hears complaints from some quarters directed at the Sports Council for what they see as overgenerous financial support for the GAA, the thought strikes one that they are not taking into consideration the association's multifaceted role.

Hurling and football each has a membership comparable to that of the other major sports which are treated individually for funding while ladies' Gaelic football and Camogie boast a membership in the region of 200,000 between them.

The coiste of Éíre Óg besides being entrusted with the duty of promoting Gaelic games is also tasked with the upkeep of the clubhouse and the servicing of its debt, the maintenance of the grounds, fund raising etc. So it is hardly surprising that it would be delighted to welcome new members on board.

The coiste is also open to constructive criticism agus bheadh fáilte roimh a leithéid at the AGM..

Players have heretofore shown a reluctance to attend the AGM. This is very unfortunate since it is important for its future that the younger members of Éire Óg develop a sense of ownership of their club.

Your presence at the AGM would be a token of the recognition of the work being done by the committee. Fáilte is fiche romhat ann! Motions should be submitted before Saturday.

Christmas Draw: One cannot overemphasise its importance to the club's finances. The drawing of tickets takes place in The Carraig Inn on Friday 12th at 9pm. There will be spot prizes on the night. Tickets are available from committee members and at a number of locations. Please consider the Draw (tickets 1 euro, a book of six 5euro) in your Christmas largesse.

Comhgáirdeachas to Cormac Ó Súilleabháin and his wife Catherine on the birth of their twins Cillian and Clodagh. His Éire Óg training will stand Cormac in good stead in his share of caring for the two! Cormac now resides in the Rebel Republic of Cork and in a show of loyalty to the parish of his birth, chose the name Cillian. Beannacht Dé ar an gclann go léir.