Alex Ferguson Signed Jersey

November 7, 2018

Mickey Prendergast ( Proprietor of The Jolly Tinker Bar New York ). Presenting Manchester Utd jerseys signed by Alex Ferguson to John Paul and Michael Delaney.

When proud Tallow man Mickey Prendergast met with Alex Ferguson in New York he thought how can I use this opportunity to benefit my home town. In a packed Corner House Bar last Sunday night Mickey took to the floor and made a short speech. He spoke of how on his travels back to Tallow each year he noticed the great work being done behind the scenes in all clubs in Tallow. On meeting Alex Ferguson he knew there were big United fans back home and he grasped the opportunity to get autographed jerseys as a thank you for all the hard work they had done over the years for Brideview Utd. It was a great night despite the Chelsea fans trying to scupper the night by planting a Chelsea Jersey in the bag before the presentation. Michael and John were gobsmacked by the presentation and thanked Mickey for his thoughtful and generous gesture.