Back by Popular Demand Neil Delamere Returns

November 7, 2018

Back by popular demand

Seeing your photograph (along with those of 2 Ireland Rugby players, a national broadcaster and an elite athlete) on your university bookmark is food for thought. But this is what happened to our intrepid comedian, Neil Delamere.

Best known as the star of RTE’s The Panel and BBC’s Blame Game, Irish comedian Neil Delamere debuts his new show Bookmarks.
Trinity College has Oscar Wilde, Dublin City University has Neil Delamere. Hmmm.
It was a sign. Life is just a series of bookmarks ­ the events that highlight how far we’ve come and how far we’ve left to go. They could be anything, weddings, funerals, charges being dropped even facing your fears (don’t).
Neil considers these markers as well as how his photo appeared on the thing in the first place.
Time to explore.
Oh yeah, we also get to find out how long Neil will live.

 Friday 20th November at 8pm

 Tickets €24