November 7, 2018

Ballivor were first on the scoreboard with a fine point from Mairtin Doran on the 3rd minute, followed by 2 great goals from Killian Canavan on the 7th min and Kevin Kelly on the 10th min before St. Brigids got their first score –a point on the 11th minute.  Ray McKeown and Calvin Ryan then got 2 more points for Ballivor on the 14th and 15th mins before St. Brigids got another point on the 18th min.  Mairtin Doran and Killian Canavan got 2 more points for Ballivor in the next 7 mins.  St. Brigids then scored 1-3
in the next 5 mins.

Half time score – Ballivor 2-5 – St. Brigids 1-5

St. Brigids got the first score of the 2nd half – a point on the 8th min, whilst Raymond McKeown scored a pt for Ballivor on the 9th min.  This was to be St. Brigids last score of the game, whilst Ballivor recorded a further point from Mairtin Doran and a great goal from Adam Gannon before the final whistle.

Full time score – Ballivor 3-7 – St. Brigids 1-6

Ballivor Team and Scorers
Conor Martin-Maurice Keogh-Joseph McLaughlin-Brendan McLaughlin-Kevin Kelly (1-0)-Brian Perry –Sean Heavey-Noel Kirby-Clayton Keegan-Killian Canavan (1-1)- Raymond McKeown (0-2)-Mairtin Doran (0-3)-Derek Doran-Calvin Ryan (0-1)-
Adam Gannon(1-0)-

Subs- David Raleigh for Joe McLaughlin
     Thomas Raleigh for Kevin Kelly
     Paul Kelly for Calvin Ryan