Ballybrannigan Wk 6

November 8, 2018

We have a new leader!

SM has taken the lead thanks to a superb Wk 5 score of 154, and following that with a steady 125 in Wk 6 to take a 14 point lead over previous leader niallshox. theweeman is holding his own in third place a further 51 points behind with a steady wk 6, after a distastrious wk 5 when he took a hammering. Putting pressure on him is kks, with farrelleen pushing him.

For most players, Galway beating Kilkenny was not expected, while in the previous week Carlows shock win over Wexford ruined their scorecards.

Next week sees another 210 points at stake so expect changes on the leaderboard.

1st SM 730points; 2nd niallshox – 716; 3rd theweeman – 665; 4th kks – 642, 5th farrelleen – 602, 6th 9227717 – 557, 7th Vpmj – 488, 8th lyonsmb – 408, 9th local88 – 355