Bonmahon Tidy Towns

November 7, 2018

Bonmahon Tidy Towns are holding an open meeting on the Tuesday the 2nd of April in the Geopark centre at 7.30 P.M. Anyone with an interest in Bonmahon is encouraged to attend. The meeting will discuss a number of items of importance for Bonmahon. There has being significant progress made in the last 3 years in Bunmahon making the village look a much better place.
However progress needs to be made on a number of entrenched issues for the Village. There are vacant buildings owned by absent property owners which have fallen in to disrepair. The meeting will discuss what the community, council and the property owners can do to improve visual impact of these properties. The beach entrance is continuing to cause much discussion and some temporary work has being carried out by the council with the agreement of the owner. It is our hope that further work will be carried out this year. There will be a report on the successful start to the Local Lotto.
The committee would like to hear opinions from residence on a number of proposals. Should we enter the Nation Tidy Towns competition: What type of sculpture should we erect on the triangle at the junction of the Kill and coast road to the east of the village: Could we put in place a walkway similar the one in Dunhill. Is a community shop a possibility.
Local representatives have being invited to the meeting. Please contact Niall McCann at 087-1442460 or by email at for further information, comment or questions.