November 8, 2018

Tax Relief for Donations to Certain Sports Bodies:

Ballygarvan GAA Club is registered under the ‘Tax Relief Scheme’ which provides for Tax relief on donations funding these approved projects.

How it Works:

A donation of €250 (€5 per week), qualifies for an income tax rebate at no additional cost to the Donor and is worth €313 to the Club when pledged through the scheme and is paid directly to the Club.

If a Donor is on the standard PAYE rate of 20% the grossed up amount on a donation of €500 is equal to €625 (+€125) to the Club. If on the higher PAYE rate of 41%, the grossed up amount on a donation of €500 is equal to €847 (+€347) to the Club.

Self-Employed and Corporate Donors:

In the case of a donation made by an individual who pays tax on a self-assessment basis, the individual will be entitled to claim a tax deduction for the donation in computing their total income. The refund (rebate) is paid directly to the Donor. For example, an annual donation of €500 has a tax benefit (refund) of €100 to the donor – if the donor is on the higher band, the tax rebate (refund) is worth €206 to the donor. Based on a donation of €500 the net cost to the Donor is (i) €400 at the standard rate (-€100) or (ii) €294 (-€206) on the higher band.

If you are interested in supporting the Club through this scheme please contact a member of the Finance Committee or email –