Castlewellan GAC

November 8, 2018

* Excellent news this week when the club was notified of its Club Maith Gold Award. As reported previously Club Maith is a Club accreditation scheme which is unique to the GAA. It allows Clubs to be benchmarked against best practice standards across the full range of GAA Club activity. A Club Maith award makes a clear, proven statement about the quality of a Club, right across the board. The amount of work put in by all those individuals whether it be in the coaching and cultural side of our club or the administration work. It has been phenomenal. There are many people to thank, in fact too many, so I will sum it up in one name – Gerry Dougherty. He pulled all the necessary documentation together from the different sources in our club. This was a huge task given what was required to attain the gold award. Well done to Gerry and indeed to all those who contributed to attaining the gold award.

* Congratulations to Aoife Keown who was named as the County Under 16 Camogie Player of the Year recently. This is a player who works hard at her game and indeed gives her all whether it be in the Town Jersey or that of Down. Well done to Aoife.

* Club gear is still on sale at the club every evening from 8.30pm. There is a wide variety of gear from small children to adults size. Available right up to Christmas.

* The F-Factor Final gets better and better each year as it goes on. Saturday Night saw the Club packed for what was the event of the year. The large crowd in attendance was not to be disappointed. Messages from celebrities in support of the groups – well one group. The night was full of excitement, drama and one very big disqualification. The Mammies Boys certainly seemed to have the support of the audience. It was quite obvious they were up for it. Michael ‘Pampers’ Cunningham said that they were here to win it and not put up the best performance. You’re not wrong there! Garret ‘it’s all about the music’ knew he had to pull something out of the hat after his disappointing semi final. He scraped into the final. Well he went back to basics and had the crowd singing, dancing and baying for more. His performance was very good and won a applause– but it’s not performance that counts – its votes! Amy and the Winos stopped their whining and put in an absolutely fantastic performance – or should I say just Amy. Sorry Moira/Leanne I’m only saying! Cas has obviously been watching Strictly Come Dancing. He has been inspired by Russell Grant this year. His video shows what the excesses of fame can do to you. It was obviously someone else’s video. That said a fantastic performance by Cacs – down boy! Cas famous – yeah right. The Dung Beatles – last year’s winners certainly pulled it out of the fire with a fabulous Jackson Five Routine. They threw of the shackles and carried in their performance a box load of tricks. Finally last and by all means least Three Jerks & a Squirt. Fellas roping in celebrities on your video was never going to win you votes. There were more stars on show than you could ever muster up. Kielty was right – not a mission. Great video though! Just as the results were about to be announced CSI Cunningham launched onto the stage to halt the proceedings. Three Jerks & a Squirt were about to be crowned champions when a video was produced – what was it all about. Well secured voting papers were the issue. The video shows theses ruffians helping themselves to votes. Their expulsion was immediate. They were last seen heading for Bolivia. God help Bolivia! In the end the young guns of the club took the coveted title. Yes First Division roped in their mates, their grannies, grandas, aunts & uncles and showed them what box to tick. Speaking afterwards group member and an emotional Huggies Burns thanked everyone for their support – not everyone “Huggies”! Well done to the lads and ladies who performed over both nights. Their volunteerism as club members to support the event is invaluable and appreciated. No stars – no show! Well done to the bar staff, door staff, judges, compeers and finally the audience who supported us on the night. A really wonderful occasion.

* Mark Twain said “the report of my death was an exaggeration” how an abscess in the tooth came to be this is beyond me. Ah the rumour mill is good and strong. Still it added to the craic on Saturday. I am grateful some people didn’t come to visit!