Castlewellan GAC Weekly Notes

November 8, 2018

* The AnnualAwards Night will be held in the Club this Saturday 9 March 2013. Tickets forthe night will cost £15.00. This is the biggest night in the year for the clubwhere we all come together to celebrate the year that has gone and to recognizethe accomplishments of our members. Holding it in the Club has become popularamong members. Last year was a great success. Tickets are available from theClub.

*Children/grandchildren of members of our Club and one member were caught up inthe road traffic accident in Downpatrick last week. We are all happy thateveryone is safe after the incident. Castlewellan GAC and all our members wishto extend a get well message to everyone caught up in what must have been atraumatic experience for all. We wish them all a speedy recovery from theirordeal.

* The Town’s SecondsTeam kicked off the new season in The ACPL Division 1 with a good win againstAn Riocht in the Meadow last Sunday Morning. The lads played some very goodfootball and moved the ball round really well. The scores were spread well throughoutthe team. There are plenty of attacking options there for the management tohave a think about. It is always good to kick off the campaign with a victory.Well done lads!

* The Under 10 hurling team travelled to theannual Ulster Council nine-a-side blitz and gave a very good account ofthemselves at the Meadowbank Sports Centre in Magherafelt. The lads took alittle time to settle and get used to the large indoor pitches but finished levelagainst a strong Glenariff outfit. They hurled very well against St Gall’s butthe bigger city team came out 1-4 to 2 points winners. The next match againstLetterkenny Gaels was an end to end affair with the boys 1-1 to a goal up atthe end. In the final game they succumbed to two late goals against Na Magha ofDerry. All the boys hurled well and represented their club in the correctmanner. There was time for a stop at a well known fast food establishment and agood day out was had by all.  

* Activ8 continues. Sunday saw the popular andwelcoming sport of Rounders in the Club. Last played here on Club Day a coupleof years ago, it went down a treat with the art of cheating to the fore. There werea few dodgy refereeing decisions, perhaps his friends were playing! That’s rightCills doesn’t have any friends! That’s why he’s the ref! In the evening thebowls club provided some of their members to assist the uninitiated into whatyou would think is a gentile sport. The female gender came to the fore. They playedwith more finesse and skill. Roisin Keown using the glasses she got from aMission Impossible film set honed in on the jack very easily. Are you sure you didn’tplay this game before Roisin? Meanwhile Ronan took a go. Keep going Ronan. It willall fall into place someday!

* When the sun shines on Castewellan thereis no better place to be in what one resident called it “her back garden”. The2013 Spring Lake Challenge will take place on Sunday 24 March 2013 withCastlewellan Forest Park as the back drop to the race. It was a great successlast year and here’s hoping that there will be a replication of the weather.You can visit our website at www.castlewellangac.comin the gallery section to view last year’s photographs which will be a reminderof the fantastic day it was. You can register on-linefor the race at oron the day of the event. Further details on registration will be availablenearer the event time.

* The winter coaching continues for Primary School Children.A reminder to you all of the times; 6pm for P1 to P4 and at 7pm for P5 to P7.Again this course is free for all members and you can register on the night.All new members welcome. Again and please note that all children must have andwear gum shields during these training sessions. Refer to more information. All new members are welcome.

* Under 8, Under 10 and Under 12 Camogie training willcommence this evening Wednesday 27 February 2013 in St.Malachy’s Primary Schoolfrom 6.15pm – 7.15pm. Please wear suitable foot wear which will not mark thefloor.

* Thank you tothose members who stated that they wished to assist with the running of thewebsite. We still require others to assist. Please also put forward your ideasas to what you wish to see on our website. Please contact Martin McClean withyour ideas.

* Hurling coaching willcontinue on Thursday evenings at St Malachy’s Primary School at 6.00pm. From6.00pm to 7.00pm coaching will cater for P1 to P4 boys. 7.00pm to 8.00pm willcater for P5 to year 8 boys eligible to play U12 hurling in 2013.