Castlwellan GAC

November 8, 2018

The play “ANight In November” which was to have been performed on Saturday night past inour Club rooms was postponed. It will now take place on a later date. For thoseof you who are unaware this is a one man show and unfortunately the actor hasbeen struck down with illness and was unable to perform on the night. We willof course keep everyone informed of a new date for the performance. Ticketspurchased for the 16 February 2013 show will be valid for the new date.Castlewellan GAC apologises for any inconvenience cause due to this unforeseencircumstance.

* There will be a meeting of all juvenile coaches from allcodes at 9 pm on Friday 22nd February in the Social Club. Please note thechange of time to accommodate all those taking part in Activ8. The meeting willlast no longer than 1 hour.

* There was a great turnout for the winter coachingprogramme for Primary School Children on Tuesday Feb 12th. Please note thatthere are no sessions on Tuesday Feb 19th and they will resume again on TuesdayFeb 26th at 6pm for P1 to P4 and at 7pm for P5 to P7. This course is free forall members and you can register on the night. All new members welcome. Pleasenote that all children must have and wear gum shields during these trainingsessions. Refer to for more information. Allnew members are welcome.

* Uner 8, Under 10 and Under 12 Camogie training willcommence indoors on Wednesday 27 of February in St.Malachy’s Primary Schoolfrom 6.15pm – 7.15pm. Please wear suitable foot wear which will not mark thefloor.’

* We stated lastweek that our website was being revamped. We are pleased to announce that thewebsite is up and running. The new format will also include links to the Down,Ulster and GAA Websites. There will also be links into local and nationalnewspapers. We want to continually update and improve our site to ensure weprovide for all our members. Any members wish to assist with the running of thewebsite please contact Martin McClean. New input and new ideas are alwayswelcome as we strive to improve all our communication tools. A reminder thatour website address is

* Activ8 has commencedin the club with many members signing up to this fitness programme for the Lentenperiod. At the launch night on Tuesday of last week there was a great turn outfor a feast of pancakes with many signing up to participate in the event. Ontalking to some there it was clear that many people wanted to be part of theclub. This was a great way of getting to know existing members and make newfriendships. Some of our older members who have been around the town for manyyears remarked that in a different era you could walk up the town and knoweverybody on the street. Today our town is much bigger with many new residents who’sroots are elsewhere. Activ8 is a great way for those wanting to integrate intoour great club.  There are manyactivities but it is not possible to cover all the events in this week’s notes.To give you a flavour, there is the Caveman session with Barney Cunningham is onThursday Night at 7.00pm at the Bann Road,   And on Friday Night a games based coreworkout with Liam hardy at 6.30pm at the Bann Road. There has been plenty of feedbackfrom those who have participated in all the events to date. It has all beenvery positive. Those who did the Lough Shore walk on Saturday and the MountainBiking on Saturday enjoyed their run out. Cills nearly cut a wee dog in halfwith his bike on Sunday. We are happy to say the dog and Cills are bothunscathed and no-one was hurt! Well maybe Cill’s pride! There is still time to joinActiv8. Cost to participate in the Activ8Program is £30 for the entireduration of Lent and this may be paid in two installments For this you canattend as many events as you wish. Participants will nominate which charitythey wish the organizer to donate towards. Please note that the scherdule forthe events will be published on our website.

* There will bebingo in the club on Sunday 24 February 2013 at 3.00pm. It is great to see somany now coming along to our monthly bingo. We hope the attendance will enable us to continue our bingo.

* Sunday 24March 2013 sees our second annual Spring Lake Challenge. You can registeron-line for the race at www.athleticsni.orgor on the day of the event. Further details will be available nearer the eventtime.

* The AnnualAwards Night will be held in the Club on Saturday 9 March 2013. Further detailsof the night will be released in the coming weeks.

* Anyone interested in coaching or helping out with our underageteams please contact John O’Neill on 07711737610. You can never have enoughcoaches in a club. If you wish to help out with a team or just to come alongand help, your assistance is very much appreciated.

* Hurling coaching willcontinue on Thursday evenings at St Malachy’s Primary School at 6.00pm. From6.00pm to 7.00pm coaching will cater for P1 to P4 boys. 7.00pm to 8.00pm willcater for P5 to year 8 boys eligible to play U12 hurling in 2013.