Catlwellan GAC Weekly Notes

November 8, 2018

* The CastlewellanKelloggs Cul Camp took place last week. We were blessed with some fine weatherand loads of enthusiastic children who certainly enjoyed their week in the sunwith all the coaches provided for the week long coaching camp. A special thanksto Terry Connolly and all his helpers who worked tirelessly to ensure all thechildren had a good week. The work by all encourages all the children to beinvolved in Gaelic Games. Thank you to all who made the camp so enjoyable andworthwhile.

*Pride andplace of the week go to the Castlewellan Senior Ladies footballers whoqualified for the Ladies Senior Championship Final with an emphatic victoryover the favourites Bredagh when they won by 2-15 to 1-07. The early stages ofthe game suggested that Bredagh would dominate the game as they took an earlylead and seemed to be in control. It was nip and tuck with Lisa Morgan knockingover a couple of frees and Kelly O’Higgins chipping in with a point. At 0-4 to0-3 up Bredagh conjured up the first goal of the game following some poormarking to register the first three pointer of the evening. The Town responded withtwo points with Cara Cunningham drawing the Town level. Bredagh being thequality side they are pushed in front again. Once again Castlewellan came backwith another pointed free from Lisa Morgan before a foul on Cara Cunningham andthe final score of the half from Lisa to push the Town in front at half time. Thiswas the lead gained which the Town never lost again. A brace of points from KylaTrainor and one from Cara Cunningham were separated by Bredagh’s first score ofthe second half. Further scores from Lisa Morgan and Cara Cunningham left TheTown five up. Kellie O’Higgins decided to rejoined the scoring with two welltaken points before The Town delivered the killer blows with goals from SarahMcArdle and Lisa Morgan rounded off her evening with a well taken goal. A fantasticresult for the ladies who have really worked hard this year under themanagement team of Jim Burns and Niall McArdle and they all really deserve tobe where they are. They will play the winners of Bryansford and Annaclone inthe other semi-final which will be played this weekend. So it’s back to thetraining pitch for some more hard work as they know that to beat the last twoholders of the senior championship await them in the final. A real team effortand well done to our ladies!

* The second’s footballersreached the semi-final of the Premiere Reserve Football Championship with a 3-14to 1-7 win over Mayobridge. The score line will sound emphatic but the truth ofthe matter was that it was a nip and tuck first half with both teams competingreal hard. Leading 0-8 to 0-6 at half time, the score line suggested it wouldbe a tight second half. By the 47th minute The Bridge had missedsome golden opportunities but then there was some stout and brave defending inthe Castlewellan backline. The Town had stretched their lead to five points. Thehot day that it was substitutions are inevitable. Have you ever seen a gamewere three subs come on and all three score goals! First on came the man whosometimes gets ribbed (gently!) in this column. Jason Croskery first effortwent wide. His next two deliveries were a goal and a point. The game appearedto be in the bag when Cillain spoke too soon and the Bridge hit the net to takethe game back to seven points. On came Michael Gilmore to find the net tostretch the Town away again. To round it off Jason struck the bar only for thethird sub Conan Brogan to score with the rebound. It was a good result for thelads who worked really hard to achieve this result. Now for the semi finalwhere the Town will join three strong teams in the shape of Annaclone, Kilcooand Burren. Good luck in the semi-final lads.

* The seniorfootballers recorded a good win against Saval last Thursday night. A minutessilence in the memory of Finbar McCormack who passed away on 8 July wasimpeccably observed by everyone in attendance. It was a tough robust affairwith some hard and fair hits in the game. Saval benefitted fully with the returnof their county players with Niall Madine putting in a useful shift at fullforward which totally justified his selection on the County Team this summer. Thetown lead by five points at half time and dominated the first half. Saval cameout in the second half rejuvenated and by the 34 minute had reduce the gap totwo points and certainly in the ascendancy. Further points were swapped beforethe decisive score of the game with a goal from Cahal Crilly sectored a wee bitof daylight between the teams. Saval came back again before points from SeanDornan and Cahal Crilly saw the lads home. This was a real tester for the ladsand a reminder of how difficult things will be with all teams coming to theboil in time for the championship. Next league game is next Thursday night awayto Burren in what will be another real battle for the lads.

adies Senior Championship Final with anemphatic victory over the favourites Bredagh

* CastlewellanGAC will once again be running their annual three monthly draw. The draws willtake place on 31 August, 28 September and 26 October 2013. Please contact anymember of the committee if you wish to purchase a ticket. This draw contributesto finance our ongoing developments necessary to facilitate the growing demandfor Gaelic sport in the Town and Parish. We would urge as many members aspossible to support this draw.

* Modern technologybeing what it is brings Gaelic Games to all those unable to attend matches andit give real time updates also to those who live far away or. We are blessedwith a couple of individuals who ‘tweet’ the games to those club members andfans. There is certainly now competition to see who can provide the wittiestupdates and a scramble to get to the ground first to start tweeting on thegame. Keep up the good work lads it is certainly entertaining and enjoyable.

* Please note coachingand training times for this week. On Tuesday 30 July Under 8 & Under 10training at the Bann Road 6.30pm to 7.30pm. Saturday 3 August 10.00am-10.45amSt Malachy’s Park Nursery, P1 & P2 Hurling and Camogie. 10.00am-10.45am StMalachy’s Park P3-P7 Camogie. 10.00am-11.00am St Malachy’s Park U12 BoysHurling. 10.45am-11.30am St Malachy’s Park Nursery, P1 and P2 Boys Football andGirls Football. TBC St Malachy’s Park P5/P6 Hurling Blitz. Saturday 20 July Nursery, P1 and P2 plus Camogie up toUnder 12.

* The AttackFitness Circuits will continue in The Club this Wednesday evening at 7.00pm. Thisis due to the Senior match taking place on Thursday night. There will also beclasses in St Malachy’s Park on Saturday mornings at 9.00am.

* The weekly Castlewellan ACweekly runs continue every Tuesday and Thursday leaving the Club at 7.00pm.