Christmas Draw Prize winners

November 8, 2018

            Naomh Olaf Christmas Draw Result



1st Prize                  Gay Clarke                 c/o   16 Balally Grove

2nd Prize                 Spain                           c/o   A Hickey                     

3rd prize                  Bernard Gaughran    c/o  Senior footballers                  

4th Prize                  Barry Lynch               c/o  Senior hurlers                         

5th Prize                  James Kavanagh        c/o  Bill Sunderland

6th Prize                  Helen Cahill                c/o  Club    

7th Prize                  Helen O Brien             c/o  J P C

8th Prize                  Noel Daly                     c/o  Table tennis           

9th Prize                  Jame Morgan              c/o  Gary Walsh           

10th Prize                Caitriona Bulmer        c/o  St Columbanus.          

11th prize                Les Keller                     c/o  Eoin Hayes

12th Prize                Dermot Murray           c/o  Club          

13th Prize                Brian Campbell           c/o  T Hughes

14th Prize                Ellen Hyaden               c/o   D Kinsella          

15th Prize                Terry Sunderland        c/o  Bill Sunderland                



                                         Bar attendance Prize winners

1st Prize                  Margaret O Sullivan

2nd Prize                 Brian Collinge                     

3rd prize                  Jim Hayes                  

4th Prize                  Orna Murray                         

5th Prize                  Bernard Keaveney

6th Prize                  Lorraine Nulty    

7th Prize                  Jack Kelly

8th Prize                  Kay Morgan          

9th Prize                  Liam Kavanagh           

10th Prize                Margaret Pepper          

11th prize                Marie Doyle

12th Prize                Brenda Collinge          

13th Prize                Paula Murray


Thank you all for your support and we wish you a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year