Club News

November 8, 2018


Changes in the Age Groups for the Underage Structure

The FAI at its AGM of 2010 introduced a new rule which will align our Leagues with the rest of Europe. This effectively means that all age groups will move forward by one year. There was confusion over whether this would be implemented for this season or not. While it has delayed the league, they have been working in the background to ensure that when the decision was made, they could implement this rule change as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

This new rule gave them the opportunity to have a look at our structures and to make required changes. In order to effect the changes they are commencing our league with U 17, U15 and U13

This is not as radical as it may seem as this would equate to them organising U12, U14 and U16 if the rule did not change. It also gives us continuity in that the same players will play in the same age sections on the same night as traditionally played e.g. The U13s will play on a Friday night which would be the same as the U12 playing on a Friday if the rule was not changed.

The even age groups will now commence in July and should be concluded by mid September. This should allow these age groups to continue straight into the Connaught and SFAI Cups in the boys divisions

Below are the proposed dates for competitions. These dates are approximate and may be subject to change

It will be important that we identify the age groups by their birth year as in chart bellow.

U12     Born 2000 or after

U13     1999

U14     1998

U15     1997

U16     1996

U17     1995

U18     1994

Anyone who is not sure what age group they should be in can contact Secretary Peter McDonnell o872754392 for clarification. Trainging has commenced for some age groups and  the times can be accessed via the Training Times Tab on the left hand column.