Club News

November 8, 2018

Foundations laid for Dressing Rooms
History was made in Glenroe GAA field on Monday, 20th July 2009 when the foundations for the dressing rooms were laid. Those willing to help out with the building of the dressing rooms are asked to give their names to Dave McCarthy at 087-8160462. As much of the work as possible will be completed by voluntary labour in order to keep the overall cost of the project to a minimum.  Hopefully, all going well the dressing rooms will be completed by the summer of 2010.

Glenroe 1-14 Feenagh/Kilmeedy 0-17
Glenroe minor hurlers drew with Feenagh/Kilmeedy in the 12-a-side county championship game played in Glenroe on Friday evening last.
Mark O’Connell opened the scoring with a point in the first minute. Feenagh/Kilmeedy responded with a point one minute later. A second point from a 40m free by Mark O’Connell restored the lead for Glenroe. Four points in succession by Feenagh/Kilmeedy gave them a three point lead by the 16th min. Padraig Gallaghue and James O’Brien each scored a point for Glenroe with the opposition quickly responding each time with a point. Points by Mark O’Connell (30m free) and Padraig Gallaghue left one point between the sides as half-time approached. Feenagh/Kilmeedy pointed from a 45m free just before the break, leaving Glenroe trailing by 0-6 to 0-8.
Glenroe got the first score in the second half, with Mark O’Connell pointing from a 50m free in the 33rd min. Three points by Feenagh/Kilmeedy put them 4 points ahead by the 38th min. Points by Padraig Gallaghue and Mark O’Connell (50m free) kept Glenroe in touch. A point by Feenagh restored their lead to 3 points in the 44th min. Glenroe dominated play between the 46th and 56th min scoring 1-4, with four points by Mark O’Connell from frees and a goal by Jamie Constable. This gave them a 1-13 to 0-12 lead with five minutes remaining. However, Glenroe left Feenagh/Kilmeedy back into the game. They scored four points in succession to draw level one minute into injury time. Each team scored a point from a free in the final minute to share the points.
This was a game which Glenroe could have won if they had taken control of the game when they had the upper hand midway through the second half. However, Feenagh/Kilmeedy kept responding, with some excellent points, each time Glenroe got a score.
Best for Glenroe were Gerard Casey, Shane Kelly, John Crawford, Mark O’Connell, James O’Brien and Padraig Gallaghue.      
Team & Scorers: D McCarthy, TJ Coffey, G Casey, S Kelly, K Maguire, E Martin, J Crawford, P McSweeney, J Constable (1-0), M O’Connell (0-10; 0-9 from frees), P Gallaghue (0-3) & J O’Brien (0-1)
Sub: M Fitzgerald for  J O’Brien (55th min.)
Glenroe 0-11 Garryspillane 2-10
Glenroe U-21’s suffered their second defeat in the South Championship when Garryspillane edged ahead in the final ten minutes of the game played in Knocklong on Tuesday, 21st July. They previously lost to Bruree in the first round game.
Garryspillane scored the first point in the 2nd min. Three points in succession from frees (Mark O’Connell x2 and Eoin Walsh x1) gave Glenroe a two point lead by the 14th min. Garryspillane responded with a point from a 30m free. Glenroe restored a three point lead with points by Ian McCarthy and Eoin Walsh. Eoin Walsh extended their lead with a point from a 25m free. Garryspillane replied with two points before scoring a goal from a penalty just on the stroke of half time to leave the score 1-4 to 0-6 in Garryspillane’s favour.
Garryspillane extended their lead with two points from frees early in the second half. Eoin Walsh kept Glenroe in touch with two points from frees. Garryspillane responded with a point from a 35m free in the 43rd min. Three points by Eoin Walsh (two from frees) put Glenroe one point ahead by the 48th min. Unfortunately, this was to be Glenroe’s final score of the game. Garryspillane finished the stronger, scoring 1-3 in the final ten minutes to win by 2-10 to 0-11.
Glenroe were very disappointing in this game and depended on scores from frees by Eoin Walsh to keep them in competition. Best for a disappointing Glenroe team were Donal Kelly, Gerard Casey, Ian McCarthy, Mark O’Connell and Eoin Walsh.    
Team & Scorers: D Kelly, TO’Dwyer, B Lane, J Crawford, D Lane, G.Casey, S.Fox, J Crawford, M Kelly, I McCarthy (0-1), M O’Connell (0-2 from frees), P Gallaghue, J Constable, E Walsh (0-8; 0-7 from frees), M O’Donnell.
Sub: Jason Leigh for Michael O’Donnell  (47th min.)