Club news

November 8, 2018

We are in the process of reshaping-updating our website for which some updated news will be up within the next few days. Please read it and give us feedback on how this can be made more interesting to you.


Having succeeded in winning the Junior (C)Championship and the Minor Championship (see great write up on last weeks papers) we now have to continue with this winning streak and win the junior final on Sunday next. We meet a very strong Milltown team in Cusack Park at 2.00 pm on Sunday.

Trainers David Keane & Des Collins with their selectors Bernie Carroll ,Padraig Maxwell  and John Ward  have our squad of 30+ players very well prepared for this day. We ask for all our supporters to get behind the team  and hopefully by 3.30 we will be the victorious team which would  be duly deserving for all concerned

Our Astro turf all weather pitch which commenced last week is planned to be available by the middle of November. We will post further details as the project progresses