Club Notes Week ending Dec 27th

November 8, 2018

Next weeks lotto takes place in Murtaghs and Team 1 are on duty. Gabriel Macken, Barry Kennedy, Declan Reilly (Smear), Enda McGahern.

Earlier last year, the club got an e-mail from some Colmcille fans in the USA. Michael Dean and his family live in Essex, Connecticut and Michael is a first cousin of PJ Reilly, Aughacordoinan.

Michaels son, Kevin age 13 has been playing for 3 years now and his daughter, Kristen age 9 has been playing for 2 years.  They have both played for the New Haven Gaelic Football and Hurling club in Connecticut and Kevin is now also playing for St. Raymonds GAA in the Bronx part of New York City. They are avid Colmcille supporters and requested some replica jerseys to be sent over to them. In one game, they needed a change of jersey for the Goal Keeper so they used the Colmcille jersey. You can visit the club website to view some photos of Michael, Kevin and Kristen.

If there are any Colmcille supporters who are overseas and want to get in touch, feel free to contact us at or visit our website at