Coaching Development

November 8, 2018

 A chara,


As you may be aware Coaching Structures within the Club have been changed this year with a view to providing greater information, advice and practical support to all juvenile coaches across the Club.


The Senior Coaches have spent a lot of time and effort putting together a range of pre season training seminars and workshops for Coaches within the Club. In addition they have pulled together a booklet based on their experience and knowledge which provides the most up to date guidance and information available with respect to Coaching Gaelic Games. This is available to all Coaches attending the seminars/workshops. These Coaches are also establishing a resource library for Coaches which will contain a range of information and education resources with respect to Coaching. Any of our Club Coaches can borrow from this library.


The first workshop was held in the Club last Saturday. 17 Coaches attended, all of whom provided very positive feedback with respect to the value of the session. A number of other Coaches forwarded apologies because they had unavoidable prior commitments.


It is important that we as a Club provide the highest possible standard of Coaching to all our young players. It is also important that we do so in a standardised manner and from a collective perspective – so as players move through the grades they are getting a consistent message and an appropriately progressive development of their skills. It is even more important that we do nothing through lack of knowledge that may prevent the appropriate development of our players – many of the training and coaching strategies that we historically used and many of us experienced as players have been proven to be of little value and in some cases detrimental. Coaching has moved on significantly over this last 10 years and at an increasing rate over this past three. If we are to compete at the highest levels to which we aspire as a Club, then we must prepare at least as well and hopefully better than others. In order to do this we must stay at the forefront of developing thinking in Coaching and training our teams. The Senior Coaches have the knowledge and are making it available within the Club in a concise structured manner. Information that has taken days and weeks of course attendances and many miles of travel is available to our Coaches for a commitment of 2 days and 2 nights, in our Club.


It is essential that all coaches avail of this opportunity!!! Please attend the future sessions.


·        Monday 3rd March 7.30pm in the Club – Aileen Tohill : Seminar on Lifestyle. All Coaches. Minor and U16 Players are invited to attend

·        Saturday 8th March 9.30am – 3.30pm– Workshop led by John Morgan and John Crossey. All Coaches are invited to attend.

·        Tuesday 11th March  7.30pm – Seminar led by Kevin Kelly Ulster Council Development Officer. All Coaches are invited to attend.


We must move forward together on this if the Club is to progress. I guarantee you both enjoy and benefit from the experience.


While the structure and focus of this whole process is targeted at juvenile coaches, any of those involved in Adult Coaching are more than welcome to attend. The majority of principles and processes apply to adults also.


Games Development Targets for 2008


1.     Devise and put in place amended structure

2.     Provide all Coaches with the full equipment necessary to undertake their roles

3.     Provide each Coach with starter information and training advice pre – season

4.     Identify Training needs of Coaches and procure necessary training for all

5.     Make ongoing support and advice available to all Coaches.

6.     Attract 10 additional Coaches in 2008 -2009

7.     Field at least two Ladies underage teams

8.     Provide schedule of Coaching, events and competitions to Primary School Children in March which is updated and amended in June and September.

9.     Any changes/additions to schedules to be notified through Primary Schools at least four days in advance

10.        Full arrangements for Transport and management of U8 & U10 teams to be posted on Club Window and forwarded to Primary Schools by the Thursday of the week of competition.

11.        Coaching and games for all teams at season end should reflect at least 90% of average numbers recorded in attendance during the first month of training.

12.        All games in all competitions to be completed

13.        Additional/Supplementary leagues to be entered unless there are exceptional circumstances

14.        Review of systems and processes to be undertaken in Oct/Nov 2008, including an analysis of performance against targets, and changes/amendments identified to inform next years Business Plan


Is mise le meas




Micéal Ó Cruadhlaoigh