November 8, 2018

We filled a large van of bags of food clothes blankets etc and that was because of the support the locality and surrounded areas came with anything that was of good use. When we delivered the goods to the charity they were over whelmed by our support, they must have thanked me a million times, but it wasn’t just me it was All who donated they thanked and I thank everyone again.

This Saturday 9th I have planned the same so hoping we can all give a little again, it’s not easy I know.  

But if I can this time can I ask for foods like soups pot noodles coffee sugar tea bags anything that can be stored and yet easily handed out. Also sleeping bags blankets anything to help keep people warm.

This charity hands out food early morning and late evening all on their own time and have a lot of people to get round.

So next Saturday 9th at Kiltale club house at 12 noon I will be there with my little helpers. Please try your best as it’s the best feeling in the world to know no matter how small we did our bit to help the unfortunate souls on our streets this winter.  

Thanks again for your help last year and hope to see you all next Saturday.

Kind Regards,

Stephen McCormack