Community Walking in Co. Meath - Leaders wanted:

November 8, 2018

In 2018 we had 20 walking programmes across the county lead by our trained Community Walk Leaders.
We see this as a great fit with the Health and Wellbeing Officers in GAA clubs.
We want to assist you in your role as health and wellbeing officers by providing community walks in your club.
The benefits:
1.       There is no cost to the club
2.       The weekly walk gives people in your club and community the opportunity to get out and be active.
3.       Meath LSP will provide a 1 day training course for people in the club that want to be a walk leader (see below for more info).
4.       The walks are covered by Get Ireland Walking Free Insurance (see below for more info).
5.       The walks are a great way for people to get together and reduce social isolation especially in rural areas.
6.       Meath LSP will assist with promoting the walks in your area.
Walk Leaders:
Meath LSP can provide training for people who are interested in leading walks.
Meath LSP will cover the cost of the Irish Heart Foundation – Community Walk Leader Course which is a 1 day training course (max. 2 people per club). We will be organising a training course in November 2018 in preparation for the walks in the new year.
Walking Programme:
The walking programme consists of 1 walk per week for 6 weeks with a walk leader. The time and date can be set by the club.
Through Get Ireland Walking you can avail of the “free” walk leader insurance. The walk leaders will be covered to lead out walks in your community