Competition draws for 2013

November 8, 2018

Photo: Cups won by Clonmore in 2011 – Minor B Championship, SFL Div 2 and SFL Div 4 – lets hope we have some more at the end of 2013.

The following are the draws for the competitions involving Clonmore this year:
Intermediate Championship:
GROUP A: Eire Og, St Patricks, L’bridge, Fenagh                      
GROUP B: Ballon, Clonmore, Grange, Ballinabranna
First Round (expected to be played on 26/27/28 July):
Clonmore V Grange
Ballon V B’branna
St Pats V Eire Og
L’bridge V Fenagh
Same format as last year: Winners of each Group go straight into semi-finals and are kept apart in semi-final draw. 2nd & 3rd placed teams go into quarter-finals and are crossed with teams from other Group (eg 2nd in Group A plays 3rd in Group B).
Junior B Championship (Knockout):
A: Fighting Cocks V B’branna
B: T’land (3rd team) V Clonmore
C: Naomh Eoin V Grange
D: Old Leighlin V O’Hanrahans
Q/F 1: Palatine v D
Q/F 2: Kilbride V B
Q/F 3: St Andrews V A
Q/F 4: Ballon v C
S/Fs: 1 V 2, 3 V 4
Under 21 B Championship (Knockout):
Q/F A: Clonmore V MLR
Q/F B: Kildavin/Clon V Burring Rangers
S/F: Winners of A V Ml Davitts
S/F: Winners of B V Fenagh
Minor Championship – Division 2 (League basis):
First Round:
Clonmore V Palatine
Kildavin/Clon V Slaney Rangers
MLR V Burrin Rangers
Top 4 teams go into semi-finals.
The County Board have accepted the decision of the DRA and reverted to the old competition formats. Div 2 League is expected to start on Sun 7 April, Div 4 on Wed 10 April and IFC on the weekend of 26/27/28 July.

Four Intermediate clubs (Asca, MLR, Rathvilly & Palatine) were allowed to regrade to Junior A.
Eire Og won Junior A but cannot be promoted as they already have an Intermediate team.
Fenagh have dropped down from Senior to Intermediate and will be replaced in the Senior Championship by the Fighting Cocks.
There are eight teams in the Intermediate Championship and nine (incl Railyard) in Division 2 this year.
Myshall and Ballinabranna dropped down from Junior A to Junior B this year to leave 13 teams in the A C’ship and 12 in the B.