Competition Draws for 2014

November 8, 2018

The following are the draws for the competitions involving Clonmore this year:

Intermediate Championship:
GROUP 1: St Andrews, O'Hanrahans, Fenagh, CLONMORE,                     
GROUP 2: Naomh Eoin, Fighting Cocks, Ballinabranna, Grange.
First Round (expected to be played in early July):
Fenagh V O'Hans
F' Cocks V Ballinbranna
Naomh Eoin V Grange
Same format as last year: Winners of each Group go straight into semi-finals and are kept apart in semi-final draw. 2nd & 3rd placed teams go into quarter-finals and are crossed with teams from other Group (eg 2nd in Group 1 plays 3rd in Group 2). Bottom team in each Group play one another with losers dropping down to Junior "A".
Junior "C" Championship (13 teams – Knockout):
Preliminary Round:
A: Grange V Kilbride
B: L'bridge V St Patricks
C: Ballon V Palatine
E. Tinryland V Naomh Eoin
Q/F 1: B'branna V C
Q/F 2: Old Leighlin V Fenagh
Q/F 3: A V D (Cocks or CLONMORE)
Q/F 4: B V E
S/Fs: 1 V 2, 3 V 4
(Same 13 teams will play in League Division 5).
Under 21 "B" Championship (6 teams – Knockout):
Q/F A: Slaney Rangers V Burrin Rangers
Q/F B: MLR V Ml Davitts
S/F: Winners of A V Palatine
S/F: Winners of B V CLONMORE
Minor "A" Championship (8 teams – League basis):
First Round:
Rathvilly V Naomh Eoin
St Andrews V Palatine
Eire Og V Ml Davitts
CLONMORE V Tinryland
Top 4 teams go into semi-finals.
5th & 6th teams play in Shield Final

Photo: Cups won by Clonmore in 2011 – Minor B Championship, SFL Div 2 and SFL Div 4 – lets hope we have some more at the end of 2014.