Cooley Kickhams news

November 8, 2018

The first breakfast morning of the year took place on Sunday morning past and was well attended. On Thursday night the 4th February at 8.30pm the Club have a committee meeting at which the details for the forthcoming reunion will be finalised. Incidently the annual reunion will take place on the 5th March and on this occasion will be celebrating the success of 89&90 championship wins including the 2009 Junior championship win. As a result of the wins in 89-90 the Club embarked on a trip to New York for St. Patrick’s day of 1991 and it is hoped that all involved from that era will be in a position to attend on that night. The Club will be in contact with all of the people and we are encouraging anybody with photograps from that period to bring them on the night.

Owing to the sudden and unexpected withdrawal of the hip-hop disco dancing from the complex there is a void to be filled in the weekly programme of events.  However there is a pretty full and busy schedule running at present which caters for all within the community from pre-school through to old age pensioners.The new drama & musical classes have been received very well with a fabalous turnout for registration from children and parents.
It certainly looks to be something to look forward to for all involved.
More new classes beginning called GET FIT GET IN SHAPE 2010 on Monday 8th of February consisting of BOOTCAMP, BODYBLAST & BOXERCISE which will be full body workout to include Ab attack, circuits & boxing. For info or booking call Denise on 0872182457.
The list of activities running at the moment are as follows;
Monday 10.00am BOOTCAMP,
Monday 8 – 9pm CIRCUIT TRAINING,
Tuesday 8pm BODYBLAST,
Tuesday 8.30- 10.30 pm DANCING CLASSES,
Wednesday 7-8pm PILATES CLASSES contact Ann 0876081923,
Wednsday 8-9pm CIRCUIT TRAINING,
Thursday 2.30-4.30pm ACTIVE RETIREMENT GROUP activities include bowls, cards, refreshments etc.,
Thursday 8-9pm BOXERCISE,
Thursday 9.00pm- 12midnight POKER CLASSIC SATELITE
Saturday 11.00am – 1.00pm SHOWSTOPPERS musical & drama classes.
So there is certainly some entertainment to suit all comers and if not just call Alo or Nicholas on 9376602, 0879574665 & 0878532775.