County Board decides on format of 2014 Championships

November 8, 2018

There will be 8 teams in the Senior, Intermediate, Junior A and Junior B Championships in 2014 with 13 teams in Junior C.
These numbers will be achieved by
  • relegating 4 teams from Senior at end-2013,
  • promoting no team from Intermediate in 2013 (IFC winners in 2014 will be promoted), 
  • relegating 4 teams from Intermediate to Junior ‘A’ at end-2013.
SFC, IFC, JFC ‘A’ and JFC’B’ will all be played on League basis with two Groups of 4 teams and the JFC ‘C’ will be on a knockout basis.
Top team in each Group goes into semi-final, 2nd & 3rd go into quarter finals and 4th placed teams play each other with loser being relegated.
2014 Leagues
5 Divisions with same teams as in Championships, no promotion or relegation.