County Champions

November 7, 2018

Drangan Team     Back:  Mattie Murphy, Aidan Buckley, Paudie White.

                             Front:  Cathy Doran, Katrion Mockler, Julieanne Gahan.

Well done to the Drangan Badminton team who won out the County Div 3 league last week by defeating Templemore 4-1 in the final. It has been a very successful year for the Drangan Badminton club as earlier in the year Mattie Murphy and Cathy Doran won the mixed County Div 3 title while Paudie White and Katrion Mockler won the Div 4 Mixed county title.

The Drangan badminton club has a very proud tradition of winning county titles going back now over 60 years and it’s great to see this tradition continuing. Indeed the future of the club looks very bright as huge numbers of children are attending the juvenile coaching sessions which are very well organised by the senior players.