County League

November 8, 2018

Rathmore 1-10 St Michaels Foilmore 1-09

Rathmore gained their first County League points when they defeated Foilmore in Rathbeg on Sunday. Foilmore were first to score when James O’ Shea pointed within the 1st minute.
Rathmore got off the mark when John Buckley converted a free in the 3rd minute. Rathmore added four unanswered points through Michael O’ Riordan’s free taking in the 4th and 13th minute,
and points from Paul Reen in the 6th minute and Eoin Lawlor in the 9th minute. A Ronan O’ Connor point in the 16th minute left the score Rathmore 0-05 St Michaels Foilmore 0-02.
Rathmore pushed further ahead in the 18th minute when Daniel O’ Sullivan finished a great Rathmore move into the net. Another Michael O’ Riordan free in the 23rd minute and an Aidan O’ Mahony point
in the 25th minute left Rathmore leading by 8 points. At the end of the half Foilmore added two points through Pa O’ Sullivan in the 27th minute and James O’ Shea in the 28th minute when Jamie Cooper
saved brilliantly to deflect O’ Shea’s effort over the bar, to leave the half time score Rathmore 1-07 St Michaels Foilmore 0-04.

Foilmore started the second half the same as the first when they scored within the 1st minute as Ronan O’ Connor converted a free. Eoin Lawlor opened Rathmore’s second half account with a point in the 3rd minute,
and a free from Michael O’ Riordan in the 8th minute left Rathmore leading 1-09 to 0-05. Foilmore came more and more into the game and a Bernard Kelly point in the 10th minute started their comeback.
A Jamie Copper save in the 11th minute denied Foilmore a certain goal. A John Buckley point in the 15th minute was Rathmore’s last score of the game.
Foilmore added points through a Ronan O’ Connor free in the 17th minute and a James O’ Shea point in the 18th minute.
Then in the 24th minute Foilmore were awarded a goal when a long ball into the square deflected into Copper’s hands but the umpire deemed he was behind the line,
so now Foilmore only trailed by 2 points with six minutes remaining, Rathmore 1-10 St Michaels Foilmore 1-08.
A Pa O’ Sullivan point in the 26th minute left the minimum between the sides. Foilmore tried everything in the closing minutes to score but couldn’t break down a stubborn Rathmore defence
who were lead brilliantly by County Star Tom O’ Sullivan, so Rathmore held on to collect two points
Final Score Rathmore 1-10 St Michaels Foilmore 1-09.
Rathmore Team and Scorers: Jamie Cooper, James O’ Sullivan, Tom O’ Sullivan, Michael O’ Sullivan, Brian O’ Leary, Aidan O’ Mahony (0-01), Michael J Kelleher, John Buckley (0-02), George O’ Keeffe, Conor O’ Sullivan, Daniel O’ Sullivan (1-00), Michael D Cahill, Eoin Lawlor (0-02), Michael O’ Riordan (0-04), Paul Reen (0-01).
Subs Used: Ian Kelleher for Conor O’ Sullivan, Jerry Murphy for Paul Reen