Crosshaven Under 9's Match Report 25/02/2018

November 8, 2018

Rematch v Carrigaline

On a weekend when Ireland beat Wales, Cork lost the double header, Man United beat Chelsea and Man City destroyed Arsenal most fans will remember it for the local derby friendly played in Ballea Park, Carrigaline yesterday.

After "The Rumble in the Muck" match played two weeks ago conditions were greatly improved, a slight wind with a temperature of 1 degree Crosshaven played Carrgaline in three 5 a side matches, played in front of 1200 fans.

All the matches were close with Crosshaven winning 6 matches, losing two and drawing one against a very good Carrigaline outfit and as usual the games were played in great spirit as usual. Carriagaline were once again superb hosts.

Player Ratings

Daineal: 10/10

Showing unbelievable shot stopping ability this young man continues to frustrate opponents. Refuses to play outfield, shouting "I want to play in goal for every match". A quiet determination. Saved us from about 25 definite goals.

Oscar: 10/10

Perhaps the quiet one on the field, showed nifty first touches and some lovely passing. Contributed to at least 10 assists. A great game.

Peter: 10/10

A fan of the Brazilian Ginga style of play, a glance toward goal, hip swerving, samba style shimmys, bedazzled opponents momentarily rooted to the spot. Top game.

Diarmuid 10/10

The Steven Gerrard of the team, box to box energy, never tripped once and scored dozens of goals. There is nothing more to say, the lad has it all.

Sam 10/10

A boy with a massive heart and a crunching tackle, the bigger the are the harder they fall with Sam on their case. A big game.

Jimmy 10/10

The grace of a Le Tissier combined with the skill of a Maradona, this young man doesn't say much on the field but does his talking on the pitch. A silent deadly assassin.

Daniel 10/10

Shows why he so highly thought of as a defender in this team, refuses to play midfield and forward, and insisted he plays defence for all games. What every team needs, a rock in the defence. The Diarmuid O'Sullivan of the team.

William 10/10

An ability to burst through opponents at speeds faster than an Olympic sprinter and slot the ball camely into the net , can play anywhere on the pitch and not question it. Another sterling performance.

Fionnan 10/10

Missed by the team badly in the last match due to illness made a huge impression and a great comeback. Lovely dribbling and passing, a quiet determination to win at all costs. Great to have him back.

Fionn 10/10

Can play in goal, can play in midfield and striker, not one of the quieter lads in the side but deep inside that joker exterior and smile, lies a Gascoigne like genius and ferocious will to win, another fine performance.

Jake 10/10

Stepping up from the under 8's to help us Jake as usual played brilliantly, tough as an ox, showed great skills and passing and a great goalie to boot we were grateful to have him with us yesterday.

Nicholas 10/10

Another under 8 recruit and a huge fan of a good old fashioned shoulder Nicholas was excellent again, first to the ball nearly every time and scored hundreds of goals. This young man doesn't give in easily.

Hughie 10/10

A revelation as in a striker cameo last time out Hughie once again showed why he's such a valuable member of this team. Superb in goal, a deadly shot on goal and a master of the one on one when in on goal. Solid as a rock.

Chris 10/10

Lets face it Chris can play anywhere, can get around anyone, can score for fun and although one of the quieter boys on the team we have all seen the look on his face when tracking down opponents, if looks could kill. A Roy Keane in the making.

Theo 10/10

Stepping up once again to help the team from the under 8's Theo played brilliantly once again, you have only one chance to catch him, a bit like Peter Stringer, otherwise he is gone in a whisker and the ball is in the back of the net.