CUL REDZ continues

November 8, 2018

Despite all the rain over the previous 48 hrs the 5th session of the 2012 CÚL REDZ season went ahead on Saturday morning. The main pitch was still recovering form all the rainfall so we were forced to compete the session on the training area. The training area is an under-estimated space as it easily catered for 118 children at this mornings session. However we will be moving back to the main pitch next week.

Our sessions continue to cater for boys and girls aged 3-8, however we also accept 9 yr old beginners that don’t feel comfortable with the U10 team. We have the area broken into three distinct groups an ABC nursery section for 3/4 year olds, An area for 5/6 years olds where the basic skills of the game combined with agility drills are carried out and finally games based drills for 7/8 year olds.