Dubs can beat Cork

November 8, 2018

Former Dublin captain Colin Moran says the Dubs can keep their feet on the ground despite the upsurge in expectations since last weekend’s victory over a hotly-fancied Tyrone.

While the crowds at Dublin matches this summer have been massively down on recent years when the Dubs ruled Leinster, and a much bigger following is anticipated for the semi-final date with Cork on August 22, the Ballyboden St Enda’s man feels the Dubs will remain totally focussed.

“Now that Kerry and Tyrone are gone, the four teams left will all feel they have a chance of winning an All-Ireland, so they will all have to deal with the hype.

“In the past, the problem Dublin had was dealing with the hype and expectations of supporters and the national media. I don’t think that will be there to the same extent this year, because Cork will be favourites in most people’s eyes.

“Dublin will keep to the same philosophy of hard work in training, and I don’t think dealing with the build-up will be a problem to Pat Gilroy.

“Pat is very grounded, and a very level-headed individual. That’s the way he expects his team to be as well. He has set out his stall with a simple game plan, which is basically cover for one another and work very hard at tackling around the park.”

Moran feels that the introduction so many new faces this term can help the Dubs as they prepare for the clash with the Rebels.

“The great thing about those guys is that being so young, they don’t have any bad memories in their psyche. They’ve brought a youthful enthusiasm and honesty to the team and they have no inhibitions. They just go out and play.

“Look at the season so far. They beat Tyrone in the last game in the league at Omagh, they beat Kerry away in the league for the first time since 1982, and they’ve beaten Tyrone now.

“And yet, most Dublin supporters who followed the team over the course of the National League and early stages of the championship would admit they were surprised at reaching an All-Ireland semi-final.

“Every game they’ve played since just about getting past Wexford and conceding five goals against Meath, they’ve been improving as a team, but they probably had a bit of luck as well.

“They got a lucky break with the Eoghan O’Gara goal, when the ball came back off the post. But you have to say that Dublin took their chances when they got them. Any team needs the breaks, but you can make your own luck too. Think back to the Armagh game when Philly McMahon cleared the ball off the line in the last few minutes.

“A goal for Armagh at that stage would have ended Dublin’s season right there and then.”

Meanwhile, Cork look set to be without the experience Graham Canty for the All-Ireland semi – as he suffered a Grade 2 tear to his hamstring during last Sunday’s win over Roscommon. The recovery period for a Grade 2 tear is usually four-to-six weeks, which means Canty is unlikely to recover in time.

Full-forward Ciarán Sheehan’s is also a doubt as he suffered cartilage damage to his knee in the concluding stages of the victory Roscommon could require keyhole surgery.