Dundalk FC and Dundalk Chamber Meet Prometric

November 8, 2018

Last Wednesday morning, Dundalk FC teamed up with Dundalk Chamber of Commerce to meet Prometric, who have recently announced the creation of 100+ high-end jobs at their Finnabair Offices in Dundalk over the next three years.

Prometric is the recognised global leader in technology-enabled testing and assessment services. The company offers test design, test delivery and data management services to clients in more than 160 countries around the world.

“It was inspiring to learn about some of Ireland’s treasures that are right here in Dundalk,” said Jana Von Bramer, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing. “We appreciate Paddy, Harry and Paul taking the time to visit our global operations centre. The history of the land here is truly remarkable and we are honoured to now have a place in it.”

Paul Johnston joined up with Chamber President Paddy Malone and Marshes Shopping Centre General Manager and Council Member Harry Traynor for a discovery meeting with Prometric.

“It was great to meet the Prometric team who are on the ground here in Dundalk and to have the opportunity to meet some of the Senior VPs from the US who are in town at the moment,” Johnston said.

“They have made a significant investment locally, and congratulations must go to all involved who were instrumental in making this decision and bringing it to fruition.

“It was a very informative meeting and Jana Van Bramer, who is Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, really gave us an insight into the company and its strategic plans and decision to come to Dundalk and set up what is a Global Headquarters here.

“It was also great to tie in some similarities we both share. The most obvious is Dundalk, Maryland, founded by Dundalk man Henry McShane, which is a satellite town of Baltimore, where Prometric’s US Headquarters is based.

“We wanted to mark this occasion and present the Prometric team with an official Dundalk FC first-team jersey. We also invited the Prometric group as guests to the match against UCD on Friday.

“We thank Prometric for the opportunity to meet up and we look forward to working with them in the future, while wishing them continued success.”

Chamber President Paddy Malone explained the role of the Chamber and welcomed Prometric as a member. A wide-ranging discussion covered the Louth Economic Forum, Town Centre commercial manager, our role in lobbying and our work with other organisations.

Prometric confirmed that they would sponsor the Corporate Responsibility category at the Chamber Awards night in October. They hoped to win the award in future years and were committed to making a positive contribution both to the Chamber and the Community.

The current economic climate in Dundalk was discussed. Harry Traynor explained that while the exodus north had ceased the retail sector was facing challenging times.