Edenderry Credit Union to sponsor Cul Redz

November 8, 2018

The Club is delighted to proudly announce that Edenderry Credit Union has come on board to be the Main Sponsor of the Club’s Coaching Nursery – CÚL REDZ.
In acknowledgement of the continued support Edenderry Credit Union has given to Edenderry GAA over the years, the Club offered Edenderry Credit Union the opportunity to become the Official Partner with this venture involving some of the youngest members of our community. In common with Edenderry GAA, Edenderry Credit Union exists to serve its members and is an organisation run for people and not for profit. In relation to the younger members of the community like the Credit Union there are lots of good reasons why kids should join ‘Cúl Redz’, among them, they can start to build life long skills and it’s a great way to be involved in a community organisation.
Considering the huge numbers attending the CÚL REDZ weekly, the club has incurred additional expense in purchasing new equipment and providing refreshments on a weekly basis. The generous package on offer from Edenderry Credit Union has allowed us to recover all of our original outlay and in addition it will also allow us to provide each of the children with their very own CÚL REDZ Jersery carrying the Club Colours and the Edenderry Credit Union Logo. We hope to see all of the CÚL REDZ children over the coming weeks to ensure we get your correct size for your new top which can be collected at the end of the month!!!!
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