Fr McWey Football League

November 8, 2018

The Fr McWey Football League continued last Monday night with some excellent games played in windy weather at Edenderry GAA.

The results were as follows
U8 results
Round 5
Monday 18th July

Padraig Pearse 0-06 Col. Perry 0-03

Thomas Davis 0-00 Fr. Kearns 0-05

Daniel O’Connell 0-03 Wolfe Tones 0-01
U10 results
Round 5
Monday 18th July

Padraig Pearse 0-11 Col. Perry 0-03

Thomas Davis 0-09 Fr. Kearns 0-02

Daniel O’Connell 0-04 Wolfe Tones 0-05

Remaining fixtures

Monday 25th July

Padraig Pearse vs Thomas Davis

Wolfe Tones vs Fr. Kearns

Col. Perry vs Daniel O’Connell

Two week break so no League games played on Monday 1st or 8th August

Round 7
Monday 15th August

Wolfe Tones vs Padraig Pearse

Col. Perry vs Thomas Davis

Daniel O’Connell vs Fr. Kearns

Round 8
Monday 22nd August

Fr. Kearns vs Padraig Pearse

Thomas Davis vs Daniel O’Connell

Col. Perry vs Wolfe Tones

Round 9
Monday 29th August

Padraig Pearse vs Daniel O’Connell

Thomas Davis vs Wolfe Tones

Fr. Kearns vs Col. Perry

Round 10
Monday 5th September

Padraig Pearse vs Col. Perry

Thomas Davis vs Fr. Kearns

Daniel O’Connell vs Wolfe Tones