Full report required from MOD on Ardglass trawler incident - Hazzard

November 7, 2018

Mr Hazzard said,
“I wrote to Minister of Agriculture Michelle O’Neill outlining concerns about the lack of clear information over the incident involving a British submarine and a local fishing trawler.
“I acknowledge that the Minister has written to the British Minister of Armed Forces requesting a full report and it is imperative to the future safety of the local fishing fleet that this is made available.
“I am deeply concerned that protocols set up to protect the lives of fishermen when they come in contact with a submarine were totally ignored and it was only good fortune that saved the lives of the crew.
“It is imperative that the British MOD issue a full report and liaise with
The Fishing Industry Safety Group so there is no repetition of the incident. 
“I intend to pursue the matter until we get the full information relating to this incident and are confident that our local fishing fleet is safe from the dangers submarines pose when they take to sea.”