Funding for Narrow Water Bridge coming together - Ruane

November 7, 2018

Ms. Ruane said,

“I welcome the news that extra funding to complete the Narrow Water Bridge has been promised by Louth County Council. This announcement on the back of the Newry and Mourne pledge of £1.8m has given optimism that the project can proceed as planned.

“This project has clearly got the full support of the entire community North and South and can be the economic catalyst for the entire region.

“The next stage will be to put the final funding in place in order to get the construction started and this will also bring a major economic benefit to the region.

“I am extremely confident that the final package of funding will be secured in the very near future and we will the timetable of construction being adhered to.

“I want to pay tribute to everyone involved in the campaign for their determination in seeing this project through as it could have been easy to give up when the chips were down.

“I will continue to work to ensure the maximum benefit for the people of South Down from the construction and opening of this bridge as I believe it will totally transform the business and social life in the region.”