Glee Club 2011

November 7, 2018

Glee Club 2011 – sing dance act

Glee Club is now coming to Ratoath community centre!

Give your child the opportunity to sing, dance and act like they’ve seen it done on shows like glee or fame.

The emphasis of our club is to nurture your childs individual talents (however strong or weak) and to allow the kids to play out thir dreams!  If your child is more interested in singing they’ll sing more, if it’s dancing that is their forte then dancing is what they’ll do, and acting will seem easy once their confidence is blossoming.

Some of the reasons children attend glee club
1. To boost self confidence.  In my years of running clubs i have witnessed even the shyest of the shy come out of their shells to get up there with the rest of them and perform.

2.  children have the chance to be creative.  a lot of emphasis is placed on the children’s sense of ownership over their work.  they are involved in choreography, song choices and writing of the scenes they will perform.

3.  fun.  many of my kids say that coming to glee club is the highlight of their week.  think about it…. they get the chance to have fun with and make new friends while singing, dancing and acting their little socks off!

where and when?  Ratoath Community Centre on Fridays from 6.30-8pm, starting Friday 20th May.
How Much? €60 for a 6 week term
Contact? Lisa Fox 0877619605
Who is it for?  Children of Primary School age.  From 4years old -12!