Great Town Performance

November 8, 2018

What a great performance by our senior footballers against the mighty Bridge on Friday past and the final score with Mayobridge winning by 4 points belied the true run of the game with the town leading for most of the second half. Up to the final kick of the game it could have went either way with only a point in it for the bridge but the in last second of the game the bridge found the net to leave them clear winners.

Poor refereeing and some careless moves by the town when they didn’t take at least 4 pointing opportunities in the second half, and frees missed by Gregory McCartan which he normally would have converted cost the town this game.
Nevertheless the large contingent of town supporters that travelled to the game did not go away disappointed with their team’s performance and niether do I suspect will the management. The team played their hearts out and I was particurly glad to see that they did not concede as many frees as in previous games yet their defending and blocking did not suffer. An overall powerfull performance and while it would be hard to single men out Finty McGreevy, Kevin Duffin, Damien McGrady and in defence Stevie Trainor were all outstanding