Greenfields 40th Celebration - a night to remember!

November 8, 2018

Greenfields Hockey Club marked it’s fortieth year in existence with an Anniversary Dinner-Dance, on Saturday October 9th.
After many weeks of preparation, the Westwood Hotel was BUZZING with excitement, as almost 140 friends of Greenfields gathered to celebrate this great occasion.
President Denise Dunne welcomed everyone, including guest of honour, Mayor Michael Crowe, and gave the assembled a brief history of the Club, dating back to it’s inaugural meeting on Sept 22nd 1970.  (See the Link to ‘History of Greenfields’). 
One of the founder members, Adie O’Byrne, said grace & there followed a fantastic night of feasting & partying!  The music was provided by the Matthew Berrill Jazz Band, who had the crowd on their feet the entire night.  There was a great representation from across the ages, from 16 to 66, and beyond!  DJ Noel led the party into the later hours, and a number of stalwarts kept things going well into the early morning!

What a great tribute to the founder members, that 40 years on, Greenfields is still alive’n’kicking!

Roll on the next forty!