Hazzard given assurances by HSC Leadership team over MLU review at Downe

November 7, 2018

Speaking after the meeting Mr Hazzard welcomed reassurance that “this is not a numbers game. This is about improving the existing service for decades to come."


“It was comforting to hear the Leadership team speaking positively about the MLU at the Downe and its pioneering role in midwifery led services."


"There was acknowledgement of the specific rural needs of the wider Down area and how services must be tailored to meet them, such as they are in the Highlands of Scotland."


"So the public will welcome the fact that this will not be a one size fits all MLU model. Bearing this in mind I would hope that the public engage thoroughly with this process so that any report will include the views of the people wider Down area."



"There will be interviews with key stakeholders – staff, mothers, focus groups as well as public information events and is expected to conclude in late December early January."