Hazzard welcomes launch of Líofa Gaeltacht Bursary Scheme

November 7, 2018

Mr.Hazzard said it will be a great aid to the growing number of people learning Irish in South Down:

“There are a fantastic range of Gaeltach courses in the Donegal Gaeltacht during the summer of 2014 and the scheme launched by the minister will help the many people who would like to attend. The Gaeltacht is a fantastic experience for both young and old and this provides a fantastic opportunity to avail of that.

“The Líofa campaign launched by Minister Ní Chuilín is constantly growing with almost 5000 people signed up. This bursary scheme is targeted at, but not solely for, those who would struggle financially to pay for Gaeltacht courses and of course is favourable to those who have signed up to the Líofa campaign.”

He continued:

“The scheme is another fine example of the Minister’s steps to encourage and assist in the growth of the Irish Language and I would encourage anyone in the South Down area who is interested in attending the Gaeltacht in 2014 to apply.”