Hockey round-up

November 8, 2018

Connacht U16 League:
Greenfields U16A   2    2   Galway U16A
In an exciting match, which saw Greenfields trailing by two goals at half time, they made an impressive come-back securing two goals in the second half & finishing with a draw.
Scorers: Sinead Minihan X 2

This team have one remaining match left V’s Athlone in the league.  A draw will make them league champions – fingers crossed!


Connacht Junior Cup:

Greenfields    3    1   Galway

In another good day for Greenfields,  the Junior cup team posted another fine win over Galway, earning their place in the Cup final at the end of the month. 

Scorers: Deirdre McDermott X 1

              Sinead Minihan X 2

(In what must be a record, Sinead has scored TEN goals this week between club & school matches – well done Sinead!)