Indpendent & Impartial GAA Rules Advice

November 8, 2018

Dear Sir /Madam,

I’m pleased to be able to introduce to you Gaelic Rules Advice which is a new service available to all clubs, players and parents who are members of the GAA community. Gaelic Rules Advice has been setup by an experienced group of former GAA administrators to offer totally impartial advice on a wide range of matters which concern both players and clubs alike.

We are totally independent of any GAA governing body and have no affiliation with any Divisional, County, Provincial or National governing committee of the GAA. This allows us to offer totally impartial and unbiased advice as we have no vested interest in seeking self-promotion within the ranks of GAA administration. By not having ambitions of self-promotion outside pressures or influences cannot be applied to our staff so the client is guaranteed a totally impartial and unbiased opinion at all times.

We guarantee that any individual or club who seeks our services will be treated with the strictest of confidences. The client is assured of total confidentiality and has access to experienced advisors who will review each case on its merits and offer advice to assist each client.

We provide a wide range of services which will be of interest to both club secretaries and chairmen alike as well as to the players should they be in need of assistance with any disciplinary appeals or other such matters which arise during the course of the season. We cater for both juvenile as well as adult clubs.

Please come and check out our new website which has just been launched on you can also follow us on Twitter under the name Gaarulesadvice.

Yours Sincerely,

Alan Nash


Gaelic Rules Advice