November 8, 2018



If you are fit and healthy, aged 18 to 65 (between 65 and 70 years if you have donated in the last 10 years), over 7st.12 lbs (50kg) and have not donated in the last 90 days, please make a special effort to come along to our clinic in Trim. Please eat at least a light snack in the 3 hours before donating.  New and former donors always needed.  This week, approximately 1,000 Irish people will receive blood transfusion.  To meet this demand from our hospitals we need 3,000 donations of blood each and every week.  Help ensure that essential blood supplies are always available.  Remember YOU can make a difference.
For further details, please contact our lo-call Donor Information Line 1850 – 73 11 37
or John Healy, Area Organiser at our Ardee Regional Office, 041 – 685 9994 or