Irish Squash Congratulates Ed Dunne on World Title Success

November 7, 2018

Irish Squash would like to congratluate Ed Dunne ( Men’s Senior Convenor and Irish Squash Board) on his recent success in claiming the gold medal in Martial Arts.

‘Last weekend in Killarney The World Organisation for Martial Arts Athletes (W.O.W.A.A.) held their annual event which had up to 800 competitors. I was selected to represent Ireland where I entered the Black Belt Heavyweight section (86 + KG) and won a gold medal to become a World Heavyweight Champion. I also entered the over 35 section and took home the ‘Title Belt’ (pictured) to become the ‘Over 35 Black Belt Continuous Fighting World Title Holder’, each title will be held for a period of 1 year when I will be invited back to defend both when the games are held in Wales’ , Ed told Irish Squash today.

Ed Dunne below proudly displays his gold medal / black belt below.