Jackies beat Lillies

November 8, 2018

Dublin 1-9 v Kildare 0-5

The talk from Croke Park’s Leinster Hurling Final – apart from the game – was about the wind. It was no different in Portmarnock. It blew a gale up the pitch and it should have been Dublin in the first half.

True, the Jackies were the only side to score in the first half but they managed just 5 points with the aid of the wind. Mary Nevin opened the the account when the ball, which had been won by Kildare at the throw-in was worked back up the pitch. Shortly after, Elaine Kelly put one of her own over and then we had to wait another 9 minutes until Amy McGuinness joined the scorers.

It is a tribute to the resolute Kildare defence that the score board wasn’t better as the Dubs had the most of the possession but couldn’t capitalize on it. Lyndsey Peat put the fourth one over on the 18th minute when she burst through and in a game noted for its injury stoppages the last point of the half went over 2 minutes after the normal time whistle should have sounded.

The second half started out much like the first with the home side putting a point on the board in the opening moves, this time Sinead Ahearne was the markswoman.

But with the gale behind them, it was all for Kildare to take and they registered their first score five minutes in. The Lily Whites picked off a few points from frees and a few from play but never looked like catching up when Amy McGuinness broke through and rattled the back of the Kildare netting just half way through the half.

It gave confidence back to the home side and try as they might, the visitors found it very difficult to dent the Dubs after that. They did convert a free and score another point from play but even a 45 and another free on the 21yd line deep into the injury time didn’t amount to a challenge and the game finished with a place in the Final against Laois for the Jackies.