Juvenile Club Notes For The Week.

November 8, 2018


Bride Rovers 7-4 Russell Rovers 3-7


We travelled to Shanagarry on Monday night to play Russell Rovers in the U12 hurling league. Russell Rovers were first on the scoring sheet with a point but we responded quickly with Jordan Service scoring a goal. Our back line was put under a lot of pressure but John, Mark and Shane O’Flynn were winning great ball and making fine clearances and Jack was first to every ball that came his wing. Shane O’Connor and Jordan Service scored a pt each but Russell Rovers finished the stronger in the first half scoring 1-4

Russell Rovers attacked from the start of the 2nd half but Patrick brought off some excellent saved in goal and DJ proved just how strong he can be on the back line. Jordan S scored another point while Jordan M and Dathal were chasing everything in the forward line. Russell Rovers scored a point from play and one from a free followed by Griffin pointing a free. At this stage we got to grips with the game and were passing the ball about well. Shane O’C and Dylan set up Jordan S for a goal while Jessie set up Shane O’C for a goal. Leon and Adam were showing their speed and determination in the middle of the pitch. Shane O’C passed to Dylan who sent the ball to the net and Jack passed to Shane O’C who did the same. Dean was introduced and played well in the forwards. Jordan S and Jessie scored goals each while Russell Rovers did get through for 2 goals. Great performance from the lads as we were missing a few on the night.

Panel: Patrick O’Flynn, Mark Connolly, John  O’Sullivan, Shane O’Flynn, Jack Connor, DJ Cahill, Adam O’Sullivan, Leon O’Flynn, Jessie Barry O’Keeffe, Griffin O’Sullivan, Shane O’Connor, Dylan Browne, Dathal Kent, Jordan Service, Jordan Mannix, Dean Browne