Kevin Stapleton R.I.P.

November 7, 2018

Kevin Stapleton R.I.P.

Kevin was one of our club’s greatest supporters over the years. He was a Kilkee native and was reared on the Circular Rd.

He emigrated  at the age of 17 and spent  his entire working life in GB. His last employment, before returning to Ireland, was with British Airways at Heathrow Airport.

He returned to Ireland in the late 80’s and lived for a time in Kilrush. He then went to live in Ennis.

He was to be seen at all Kilkee and Clare games, and was a very colourful character. He was also a great supporter of the West Clare Cancer walk in January and took part up to recently in the walk.

Kevin was a fabulous writer and was never afraid to air his views in local and national papers. He was frequently interviewed on local radio in  matters both sporting and topical.  Kevin always had a view on Clare Hurling and football, with constructive criticism and encouragement.

Kevin passed away last week at the age of 91. May he rest in peace.