Lucan Sarsfields Lotto Jackpot winners collect their winnings

November 8, 2018

Lucan Sarsfields Lotto Jackpot winners collect their winnings


A stroke of extremely good luck; a moment of hesitation or a lack of concentration can only describe the fortunate error that led to the winning of the Lucan Sarsfields Lotto Jackpot!! And the winner also created a bit of Club history by being the first online entry that has won a Jackpot.


Castle-Riada man, P.J. Finnerty who hails originally from Offaly sat down at his computer two weeks ago to enter Lucan Sarsfields Lotto online. Having picked his numbers and entered his details, PJ said he hit a wrong button and had to start all over again. He was hurrying elsewhere and was about to leave it until later but said sure it only takes a couple of minutes. What a couple of minutes that was. His entry was time-stamped at 1.20 pm on Saturday and less than 34 hours later PJ was €8,000 richer having scooped the Jackpot.


P.J. said “I was in a rush and I was going to leave it until later, But I said to myself ‘sure this only takes a few minutes’. The system however gave me a completely different set of numbers to the first set which was lost by me hitting some wrong key. I took the chance of accepting the new set rather than choosing my own. I’ll tell you that this was the best investment of two minutes I ever had!”


P.J. is manager of the Lucan Sarsfields’ U11 hurling team and his two sons play both football and hurling with Lucan Sarsfields. While he would not tell us what he will do with his Jackpot, I am sure that his wife, Ann, will be helping him use the win!


And they say lightening never strikes twice…. The following weekend’s Lotto Jackpot of €1,000 was won by Neil and Jacinta McKelvey who hail from Beech Park. The McKelveys are long time supporters of Lucan Sarsfields and had signed up in the past few months into the Easy Play option for the Lotto.


Lucan Sarsfields Lotto continues every week of the year with the numbers drawn each Sunday night. There are three ways of entering – by ticket – available in the Club Bar; by direct debit – Easy Play and now online through our club website As well as being able to select your own set of four numbers, an online entry can also pick a random quick pick set. Each entry helps the club finances, and is in with a chance of winning the Jackpot or being selected as a Lucky Dip. Everybody wins!!!!