Mayo Abbey Strictly Come Dancing. What's on this week?

November 8, 2018

The Strictly committee, dancers and fundraisers would like to thank EVERYONE who has come out to support them so far in this campaign.  The turnout at every event has been magnificent.  We all appreciate that there are a lot of events going on and it can be difficult to make many of them, however it is very clear that this little community of ours knows how to pull in behind an honest effort for a good cause.  Well done everyone.

Now, with that said, we are not there yet.  We have three weeks to showtime.  The dancers are putting the finer touches to their routines.  Costumes are being tried on, shoes being tested and the running order has being decided.  
One thing is guaranteed folks, you are going to get your moneys worth on both nights.
This week is another busy one from a fundraising point of view.
Tim and Pauline are holding a Pamper Night in Mayo Abbey NS on Tuesday Night.
James and Claire have a Card Game in Tuohy's on Thursday night.
Kieran (Billy) and Denise have their Grand Prize Draw in Malachy's on Saturday night and 
Shane and Helen have ab Auction Night in Tuffy's, also on Saturday night.
Also, the Strictly Facebook page has more details on each event, like time, prizes etc…
Let's keep the support going for another few weeks folks, we can all relax for December and rest the feet….