Mayo athletes offered free flexibility test by creator of novel sports product

November 8, 2018

Sportspeople in Co Mayo have been invited to undertake a free flexibility test courtesy of a revolutionary new product hailed by international footballers and sports fitness experts.
The SpeedFlexer, created by well-known Galway GAA coach Ned Burns, provides crucial information that can allow athletes and team players become faster, as well as helping to improve the accuracy and distance of a kicker.
And now Mr Burns is staging a special demonstration in the Harlequin Hotel, Castlebar, on Monday, November 15th, at 8pm. All sportspeople, coaches, managers, and fitness specialists have been invited along.
Kildare and International Rules footballer James Kavanagh, one of the sensations of the 2010 inter-county season, has said the SpeedFlexer has ‘helped my Gaelic football career greatly.’
He said: ‘It has been a real eye-opener for me. It gives me an accurate reading on the flexibility in both my legs. It also reveals any imbalance in flexibility between one leg and the other.
‘Once I have that information, I can take steps to improve with a flexibility programme.
‘I have come to realise that flexibility is crucial in Gaelic football. When you’re flexible, you can kick further and more accurately. You can run faster. And you also get fewer injuries.
‘I would really recommend this product for anyone who is serious about their sport. Anyone can get a flexibility reading in just seconds. For example, a player coming back from injury might want to check his or her flexibility every week, and the proof that it’s improving each time can be a powerful motivational tool.’
The idea of a product to test flexibility first formed in Mr Burns’ mind over 15 years ago when, as a team manager, he sensed many of his players were not flexible enough in their movements. ‘I tried to get them tested, but discovered that there was no one product out there that could do the job for me,’ he said.
‘That’s when I started working on the SpeedFlexer. The product has been developed with the assistance of Dr Liam Hennessy, who has over 20 years experience working full-time in sport. Dr Hennessy is the founder of Setanta Sports College, and has worked with Tipperary hurlers, the Irish Rugby Football Union and Padraig Harrington.
‘We created a number of prototypes before settling on this one which is proving very popular – primarily because of how easy it is for anyone to use, and many clubs , gyms, and coaches are now using it.
 ‘Flexibility is crucial, and far too many players I come into contact with have a reading of less than 70 degrees. SpeedFlexer helps them by giving them the truth about their flexibility, and they can take steps to improve before measuring themselves again. We have programmes they can then take to build their flexibility.’
More information is available on An open invitation has been extended to all Mayo sportspeople to attend the Harlequin Hotel on November 15th, at 8pm, when Mr Burns will carry out flexibility readings free of charge.