MCF Sport Club News

November 7, 2018

Your club may already be using online services like almost 1,000 other sports club across Ireland. But will give you Euro 100 no questions asked straight into your bank account or in the form of a One4All voucher if you spread the word to another club and if they sign up with us.

All the club has to do is tell us you referred them and then the money or voucher is yours – simple as that. The club benefits in a big way too as online membership, lottery or other fundraising events almost always leads to increased revenue and makes life a hell of a lot easier for club officials who can let the system do the work. Basically everybody wins here!

It really could be the easiest Euro 100 you'll ever earn – just get in touch with any sports clubs or organizations that are nearby or that you may be involved with, and tell them to give us your name if and when they sign up, and then you'll get the 100 euros.

If you want to demonstrate to the clubs the power of the system in the shortest time possible just ask them to watch the video here:

Who knows? With soccer, hockey, rugby and cricket clubs all coming into their membership seasons soon, if you get 10 clubs to sign up during the summer months then that's €1000 coming your way. And you better believe that offering online membership and fundraising events is the way forward as more and club members or supporters expect to be provided with the convenience of being able to pay online while clubs can target anyone anywhere and have the system do all their administrative work. So what you are waiting for – get referring now!